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Mystery Diners Fake

“Mystery Diners”™ an American television program airing on The Food Network cable channel. It is a “reality” show based on “Charles Stiles” and his so-called investigative team; they are hired by restaurants to conduct surveillance and investigate “problem” employees.

The purpose of this web site is to expose this show as the fakery and sham that it is. 

UPDATE for 2017: Yes, Mystery Diners still appears to be fake!

We received a “tip” from a source close to the show that Charles Stiles has made about “two million dollars” from the show, and laughs behind the scenes about the people who think it is real. A few lawsuits have been filed but Stiles has “very good lawyers” and seems “untouchable”.

“The scam just continues,” said our source close to the show. Sadly, people don’t realize it and believe it’s real. The restaurants involved should be ashamed of themselves! See the list below of restaurants that have partaken in the scam.

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Mystery Diners is marketed and sold to the public as a legitimate, straightforward production. Nowhere is there any disclaimer that the events being portrayed as “reality” are in fact utterly fraudulent and faked. However, a great deal of evidence (see below) suggests the show is entirely faked — so much so, it is an inescapable conclusion that the show is a farce and a deception. 

Our purpose is not to malign The Food Network or the show itself — they are free to produce whatever they wish and market it was they wish, and viewers will decide whether to watch it or not. Rather, we wish to expose the restaurants who participate in this fraud and profit from it.

Mystery Diners Fake
Charles Stiles and his dubious “team”

It should be noted the managers and owners of these restaurants usually appear in each show and appear to be acting and going along with the faked events. We believe they are either paid to go along with the show, or they forgo their scruples and integrity for the free publicity. 

We do not believe any restaurants who have participated in the “Mystery Diners” show deserve any business. They need to be exposed and made known to the public. If this kind of sleazy business practice continues, you may find yourself eating in a restaurant soon that uses fake marketing techniques to boost their image and rankings on review sites like Yelp

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The List

The restaurants below have all appeared on “Mystery Diners”

Please do not patronize or support these restaurants!

Note the review site links provided, including Yelp, Tripadvisor, Yahoo and Urbanspoon. Please let these restaurants know how you feel about them participating on this faked reality series!

The Groves Bar & Grill 

Gilbert, AZ

Yelp Link

Haus Murphy

Glendale, AZ

Yelp link

Big Earl’s Greasy Eats

Cave Creek, AZ

Yahoo Local link

Caffe Boa

Tempe, AZ

Yelp link

Amaro Italian Bistro

Cave Creek, AZ

Urbanspoon link

The Blue Moose

Scottsdale, AZ

Tripadvisor link

3 Tomatoes & A Mozzarella

Las Vegas, NV

Yelp link


Toluca Lake, CA

Yahoo Local link

La Traviata

Long Beach, CA

Yelp link


Costa Mesa, CA

Tripadvisor link

Pina Pizza House

Downey, CA

Yelp link

Ca’ Brea

Los Angeles, CA

Yelp link


Las Vegas, NV

Yelp link

Whiskey Dick’s

Las Vegas, NV

Urbanspoon link

Putter’s Bar & Grill

Las Vegas, NV

Examiner story

Marche Bacchus

Las Vegas, NV

Yelp link

Via Brasil 

Las Vegas, NV

Yelp link


Las Vegas, NV 

Yelp link

Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que

Fort Worth, TX
Yelp link

Deanie’s Seafood in New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

Yelp link

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I don’t know what to do anymore about this stuff. I tried. I tried to inform the public, but the Machine won out.

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